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This site has two elements:

  1. It will guide you to select the right procedure for your procurement. But if you know which one you need, you can just select it from the dropdown.
  2. It will then guide you through the steps to create a compliant Regulation 84 report which you can store or download.

To start your first report

  1. To use, simply Register and then Login.
  2. Click on Create a New Report.
  3. Either select a procedure or use the wizard to select the right procedure
  4. Confirm this is the procedure you want to use
  5. Then answer the questions the wizard asks. You can enter notes and/or upload documents against any questions.
  6. Anything you enter will be automatically saved. You can go back in to the report at any time to add or amend information as you go through each stage of the procurement.
  7. Once you have completed the wizard, you have the option to view your report or download it to a .zip file.

To go back to a report

  1. Simply click on Reports, select the right report and click on Edit Report.
  2. The wizard will take you back to where you left off. But you can click Previous or Next to go forward and back to the right place.
  3. To edit details of the procurement (header details), go to Reports and click on the title of the Report.
  4. To change the procedure, go to Reports and click on the Selected Procedure. If you change the procedure, you will need to start again from the beginning.

To download a report

Simply click on Reports and click the download icon for the report you want.

To delete a report

Simply click on Reports and click the delete icon for the report you no longer need.

Update your user profile

Click on your initials in the top menu bar to edit your details, reset your password or set up two factor authentication.

Need help?

If you need help, call Michael Stevenson at Lifecycle Management Group on 01865 340800. Alternatively, you can email him on